Bible Study in Jerusalem on Israel’s Memorial Day

Bible Study in Jerusalem on Israel’s Memorial Day

On May the 1st, Rabbi Tuly Weisz lead an intriguing Bible study in Jerusalem for a group of eager tourists from Poland. With the launch of the Yeshiva for the Nations, Rabbi Tuly is excited to be meeting with different groups visiting Israel and speaking to them about the Biblical connection to the Land of Israel.

Together with Donna Jollay, Co-founder of the Yeshiva for the Nations, Rabbi Tuly met the Polish tour group at their hotel in the heart of Jerusalem. Keeping in line with the Yeshiva for the Nation’s mandate,  Rabbi Tuly taught the group an authentic Torah (Bible) class designed specifically for them! Heightening the significance of the Bible Study was the fact that it took place on the eve of Yom Hazikaron– Israel’s Memorial Day.

Prior to beginning the Bible Study, Rabbi Tuly escorted the group up to the hotel balcony overlooking the city of Jerusalem. There he lead them in meaningful prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem and in memory of the thousands of soldiers who have fallen in battle defending the State of Israel.

Participants of the class read along from The Israel Bible  during the study. ‘The Israel Bible edited by Rabbi Tuly is the only edition of the Old Testament which highlights the People, the Land and the God of Israel.  The participants expressed that studying the Bible, in Jerusalem, on the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day was a highlight of their trip and a memory that they will cherish forever.

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